Upper Goulburn Landcare Network

The Upper Goulburn Landcare Network (UGLN) is a collective of 16 Landcare/land management groups in the Murrindindi Shire area, North-East Victoria. Groups that receive support from the UGLN include: Strath Creek, Kinglake, King Parrot Environment Group, Yea River Catchment (incl. Murrindindi), Yea Wetlands Committee, Molesworth, UT Creek (near Alexandra), Merton, Home Ck-Spring Ck (Yarck & Fawcett districts), Murrindindi Climate Network, Eildon Landcare, Yellow Ck-Dairy Ck (near Yea), Friends of Marysville Walks, South Cathedral Landcare, Kinglake Scouts Junior Landcare, Flowerdale Primary School Junior Landcare.

The UGLN has been operating for 10+ years and has a strong and positive relationship with landholders, community organizations and government/agency stakeholders. The Landcare Network’s role is broad:


- Landcare group support,

- Communication of Landcare and land management information,

- Community capacity building,

- Sustainable, community-driven land management,

- Community education and project management,

- Liaison with govt/agency stakeholders,

- Contribute to catchment NRM targets.


President: Terry Hubbard (Strath Creek)

Vice President: Ian McKaskill (Alexandra)

Treasurer: Rodney Ridd (Cathkin)

General Members: Judy Brookes (Yea River Catchment)

                                Bruce Marsh (Home Creek-Spring Creek)

                                Robyn Rattray-Wood ( Merton)

The UGLN is supported by two part-time Coordinators (Cath Olive and Judy Watts) and currently has the full-time services of a Fire Recovery Project Officer (Chris Cobern). The Landcare Fire Recovery Project is a Government-Landcare response to the 2009 Black Saturday fires that affected much of the Upper Goulburn. We are also supported one day per week by Helen Gough, our Schools support Project Officer.


Contact: Judy Watts (send a message)
Phone: 03 5736 0105
Fax: 5797 3199
Postal Address: PO Box 74
Street Address: 5 / 10 High Street
Town: Yea

Our Projects:

Focus  on Fauna

Focus on Fauna

Wildlife Recovery Project – Murrindindi Shire

Paddock Trees Project

Paddock Trees Project

Upper Goulburn Landcare Network has recently secured funding from the previous Federal Government’s Community Environment Grants to protect paddock trees. Funding is being offered to landholders in the Murrindindi Shire region for fencing and planting of understorey under individual paddock trees. Funding is being provided at $5/m for fencing. Revegetation of local native shrubs funded at $3 per plant and materials will be required in each site, and funding is also available for mistletoe control as needed. (Applications are now closed).

National Tree Day 2013

National Tree Day 2013

Sunday the 28th July was National Tree Day. The Upper Goulburn Landcare Network Groups held three separate events on the day, all with great success! Kinglake Landcare Group held a planting day at Koala Browse Project. Strath Creek Landcare Group held a planting day at a property on King Parrot Creek Rd, Strath Creek as part of their Biodiversity project and our third event for the day encompassed four sites along the Great Victorian Rail Trail. Merton, Home Creek-Spring Creek, Molesworth and Yea River Catchment Landcare Groups planted at four sites along the trail with assistance from members of the Strathbogie Ranges Conservation Management Network, Buxton and other areas, who generously volunteered their time for the day. In total there were approximatley 60 adults and 15 kids digging, planting, hammering and chatting at various stages. Morning tea was held at Cathkin and Cheviot. Those who could continue on for lunch at the Molesworth hall enjoyed a warm, delicious lunch catered for by the ladies from the Molesworth Hall Committee. In total over 600 plants were planted on the day along the trail, a stunning feature entrance was erected at the Molesworth Rail Park and a fabulous social atmoshphere was enjoyed by all. Thanks to Cameron Patterson from Merton Landcare who assisted with coordination on the day. A total of 521 seedlings were planted by 17 Strath Creek Landcarers(adults) and seven juniors in 2 and 1/2 hours on a windswept slope, slippery with capeweed. Another 3 Landcarers were doing a fantastic job of catering, which in this case meant gourmet pizzas in the wood fired pizza oven! Joel and Sue now have 20 seedlings left to plant out of 1,000 allocated to this site by the Strath Creek Biodiversity Project. In September, the ridge top will be mechanically direct seeded. Stakes and guards were recycled from revegetation projects the King’s have undertaken in previous years. This slope will now benefit from the fencing previously completed by the Project to lock out stock. The only browsing animals now present are the local Kangaroos. With a bit of capeweed control where possible over the next few weeks, the struggling remnant wallaby grass should begin to recover and form a good cover on the ridge top. One of the values of this site is it’s visibility factor to other Strath Creek residents and tourist traffic. Hopefully as the vegetation grows, it will inspire others to plan their own environmental restoration projects.

2012 GBCMA Landcare Awards Dinner

2012 GBCMA Landcare Awards Dinner


National Tree Day

National Tree Day

Five Landcare groups came together at five different sites along the Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail to plant 2000 plants for National Tree Day.

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